International Living conference in Quito draws record crowd; organizers cite the growing trend of overseas retirement

February 18, 2010 12:25 by Admin

A depressed global economy, rising health care costs, increased taxes, and lower quality of life are just a few of the reasons for a record-setting registration for the Ultimate Event V in Quito, Ecuador, February 24-27.

This year, more than 360 people interested in moving, living, and investing abroad have confirmed reservations for the annual Ultimate Event. This is the largest registration for any event in the 30-year history of, and this year the Ultimate Event V will bring attendees together with more speakers, presenters, financial experts, and practicing expatriates than ever before.

Dan Prescher, Special Projects Editor for and a native of Omaha, Nebraska, has been emceeing events since 2002. He now lives in Merida, Mexico.

“Attendance at all our events has always been good,” Prescher said, “but in the past year it seems the flood gates have opened. Americans are realizing that they’re being priced out of their retirements at home. No one really believes the government can fix health care, taxes, crime, or the economy any time soon. Even those with five or ten years to go before retirement can see that their IRAs, pensions, property, whatever savings or benefits they’ve managed to hold on to through the economic downturn… won’t take them very far. They see a real chance that they could be living like paupers if they stay in the U.S.

“Overseas, the story is entirely different,” said Prescher. “You can still own a nice home, enjoy quality health care, enjoy beautiful weather, pay lower taxes, and have a generally improved quality of life for literally pennies on the dollar. And with our help, prospective retirees are finding those places. Besides, the Baby Boomer generation has always been about fun and adventure, and that’s what living in another country is all about. They’re getting the best of both worlds when they look abroad.”

Held at the Swissotel in Quito, the Ultimate Event V will feature the biggest lineup to date of speakers from around the world -- experts in financial planning, foreign currencies, expat tax and legal issues, real estate, and more. editors and correspondents from around the globe will tell their own stories about lifestyle opportunities in countries they themselves have relocated to, including Mexico, Panama, Uruguay, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Argentina, Belize, and France.

Workshops and breakout sessions will provide all the attendees with one-on-one networking opportunities with the experts, both during the conference and at after-hours social gatherings.

"Our goal is to help our readers find the best places in the world to live and invest,” said Conference Director Elaine Finnegan. “We have a stellar line-up of speakers for Quito. I think people will be surprised to learn about the economic values to be found in some of the places we’ll be profiling. In more than a few cases, I think attendees will discover that maybe they can retire even sooner than they thought possible.”

As with past events, Suzan Haskins, Latin America Editorial Director, will provide live reporting from the event via’s free daily e-letters available here. staff and correspondents will also be doing live updates from the Ultimate Event on the company’s Facebook page and on Twitter.

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